Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day Bakers.

“For the past 50 years, Earth Day has been celebrated by billions of people around the globe, annually every April 22, to join together in promoting awareness for the health of our environment.”

Today we should teach our children the importance of  Earth Day and how we can make little changed to everyday life to make our Earth last just a little bit longer. It is super important to instill the importance of reusable items, making compost and even just loving our Earth so future generations can enjoy what we have today.

Here is a list of some fun Earth Day activities you can do with your kiddos today.

We have some amazing cookie cutters that will make some amazing art projects. We have leaves and round circles you can turn into the Earth, we even have lots of different choices for trees that would be awesome to make some forest pictures about the rainforest. Click here to see what we have to offer. I really like the Cabins and Teepee’s. It would be amazing to show how Native Americans used the land and what we learned from them to keep America beautiful.

Last but definitely not least..Come to our Facebook Page to see a recipe for Earth Day cookies that will be a quick and fun treat for everyone.


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