Teacher Appreciation Week Day 1.

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Today Marks Teacher Appreciation Week and I wanted to make a new post each day with a new cookie idea for teachers.

With Remote learning our teachers need more love then usual. Today I want to share the cutest idea for making Crayon Cookies for teachers. We have a single Crayon Cookie Cutter that make amazing rainbow crayons.

The wonderful SweetAmbs.com has a wonderful post about making Crayon Cookies for Teacher Appreciation Day.  Most teachers have had a day or two where Crayons have been the center of the day. I also found a really wonderful poem that would look so nice attached to these cookies.

We are a box of Crayons

Each of us unique,

But when we get together

the picture is complete!

Combine this poem with the Crayon Cookie cutter and a box of baking mix would also be a cute idea! Check in to see a new idea for the rest of this amazing week on Facebook

Happy Baking!

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