Day 5, Shortbread Supreme.

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Day 5 brings you a dense shortbread cookie. A lot of the times this cookie is made during Christmas time when you want a more indulgent cookie. Come and check it out at All Recipes.

Facebook has a recipe for Raspberry and Almond Shortbread Thumbprints.

“Shortbread is a type of cookie with a high butter content: The traditional recipe is one part sugar, two parts butter and three parts flour; some recipes use a 1:1:1 ratio, and there are variations in between (later recipes added eggs). It has been called the ancestor of all butter cookies. The original shortbreads were made with oatmeal; the more elegant white flour came later and lightened the cookie. The addition of rice flour gives shortbread a grainy, crumbly texture, while cornstarch (corn flour) gives it a more dense texture. Shortbread originated in Scotland (where cookies are called biscuits) in medieval times. According to, Scottish shortbread evolved from medieval biscuit bread, a twice-baked, enriched bread roll dusted with sugar and spices and hardened into a rusk. Eventually, butter was substituted for yeast, and shortbread was born.”

Read more about the History of the Shortbread Cookie here.

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