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Royal icing, Not just for cookies?

All good bakers know that Royal Icing is not just for cupcakes. Since the liquid component is egg white and because there’s no fat in the icing, it dries to make a glossy smooth finish for a professional looking cookie.

You can create a different world of Royal Icing Decorations to use for Cakes and even candy.

Royal Icing Roses.


Lets learn about making Royal Icing Roses. I found a really great How To that I wanted to share with you today. Dulcia Bakery on Youtube has some great information. I copied down the items she used in the video and their Amazon links.

Royal Icing Consistency.


“Achieving the right royal icing consistencies is the hardest yet the most important part of cookie decorating. It’s also quite difficult to describe in words how royal icing consistency should be. That’s probably the main reason I’ve put off writing about it for so long.” has a great visual article on the consistency of making Royal Icing.