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Sale and Clearance Cookie Cutters

Hello my Beautiful Bakers. Today, as the Holiday season starts up I wanted to share reminders of the Sale and Clearance section of our site and share with you where else you can purchase our products. Click HERE to be taken to our Websites Sale Section.



We have a lot of Sale and Clearance Cookie Cutters for you to check out. We have fun items like an Ocean liner

We have so many fun things for you to check out!


Have an AMAZING Wednesday!

Macaron Masterclass.

So making Macarons can be anything short of a total nightmare. Everything can make them fail. So, I wanted to spend the next week working on some tips and tricks to hopefully make this tricky but yummy cookie, work for you.

First of all, CupcakeJemma on Youtube has a great video to explain the process of making cookies.